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My name is Greg Woodard and I am a Christ-follower, husband to Vicki, and father to Liahna & David. I serve in the Navy as an active duty chaplain. In my work, I offer spiritual care and religious support to military personnel.

I did my undergraduate work at North Central University in Minneapolis, MN and earned a Master of Arts in Christian Thought at Bethel Seminary in Arden Hills, MN. I have done doctoral work the Doctor of Ministry program at Bethel Seminary.

At an earlier point in my life, I served six years as an active duty Marine and I deployed in support of Desert Storm.

I am a writer. I write to help people live more resilient lives: spiritually mentally, and physically. Below are my favorite posts:

Resilient?: 3 Powerful Secrets From a Challenging 210 Day Ship-board Deployment: October 6, 2015 I left for a 7 month shipboard deployment in the Middle East. I served as the chaplain to 767 Sailors and Marines. I tended to spiritual needs and helped people learn resilience. At sea shipboard life is not for the faint of heart. I had to make conscious decisions to do self-care and being resilient. In this post, I share three secrets for building personal resilience.

3 Ways To Overcome The Fear That Is Holding You Back From Your Dreams: Perhaps you’re like me. Fear of failure keeps you from trying a new thing. You have let fear keep you down. Somewhere along the way, you stopped believing yourself capable of anything better. I know, I’ve been there. In this post, I share three things I’ve learned that you should do to move past fear.

3 Proven Reason We Should Welcome Uncertainty: In my five decades of life, uncertainty has been a powerful part of my journey. Periods of uncertainty have been the most amazing times of shaping me into the person I am today. Uncertainty can lead to doubt and is tough to endure. Seasons of uncertainty are crucible experience where refinement and growth in resilience can take place. In this post, I share three reasons everyone should welcome uncertainty.

Story: 3 Unsurpassed Ways To Ruthlessly Edit Yours For A Superior Life: The stories of our lives define us. We have a past, present and future story. The past does not define us. We can change our present reality, and our choices along the way will affect our future story. Story has the power to change our lives. In this post, I share three ways that editing your story can have a positive impact on your life.


The thoughts I post are my personal views. They are not the views of the United States Navy nor the Navy Chaplain Corps.

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