6 Misconceptions About Forgiveness


Forgiveness. When I say that word, what comes to mind? It is a loaded word. The word is used in various contexts. Allow me to offer several illustrations. Since I am serving on active duty, I live with my family on a military installation. There are armed Marines limiting access at various entry points. Several [...]



A couple of Sundays ago, the pastor  of our church concluded a series of sermons entitled “Coexist.” The messages were a series of Christian responses to the various other world religions. The word “Coexist” is on bumper stickers with symbols from Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism and Islam. The bumper sticker is a call to accept all [...]

3 Ways of Growing In Christ

Successful people aren’t necessarily smarter, more gifted, nor luckier. They tend to have habits that fan the flame of their success. Those who succeed in business are self-starters, goal oriented, have a strong sense of priorities, and tend to make business deals with others that are mutually beneficial. In Psalm 1 there are three practices [...]

God’s Work, My Response


This is my first post in a very long time. I stopped writing back in October of 2013 due to an upcoming military deployment. The adjustment to being deployed to Okinawa has been challenging. I am just now feeling settled in (six weeks into the deployment). Perhaps that is a reflection of my personality and [...]

Two Responses to the Challenges of Tolerance [Repost]

What is tolerance?

I am on a sabbatical from writing new posts on my blog. However, since there has been an outcry from certain segments of society over the comments made my Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame. In light of that, I thought it might be a good time for me to again post my comments on [...]

The Big Story

The idea of story has fascinated me for several years. Elsewhere I have written on Three Stories: Mine, Theirs and God’s. In my work, I interact with others who are seeking to make sense of their life story. I usually share a part of my story as a way of trying to offer helpful guidance. [...]

6 Ways Sheep are Like People [Repost]

It’s been a while since I have had time to write a new post. I have spent the last several days ministering to my Marines in the field. Over the course of 10 days, I preached four times. The last sermon I preached was a version of the below. I have posted this before. I [...]

Addicted to Evernote

Hi, my name is Greg and on September 24, 2009, I became an @Evernote user. It took a while, but now I am addicted. At first, my usage was small. I thought I could control it. But then it took over. Now Evernote is my digital brain. It syncs across all my platforms (my PC, [...]

3 Ways of Growing in Christ | Before The Cross

I am guest posting today over at Before the Cross. My post is a reflection on Psalm 1. Please check it out & share it. 3 Ways of Growing in Christ | Before The Cross.

An Unwelcome Intruder: Two Reflections on Death


As a Navy Chaplain, I have the unfortunate privilege of presiding over memorial services for fallen Marines. Today was such an occasion. I led my Marines and the family in celebrating the life and mourning the death of a young 19-year-old Marine. Christopher was a father of a cute little girl. He was also a [...]

The Brutal Truth about Conforming… & Why Transforming is Better

Conformer or Transformer

In the Christian Scriptures, there is a text that says, Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind… (Romans 12:2) Observant readers will notice two key words, conformed and transformed. I have a challenge question for you: “Will you be a conformer or a transformer?” Conform Defined [...]

8 Ways Pornography Is Destructive To Relationships

8 Ways Pornography Is Destructive To Relationships

“Pornography is destructive to relationships and should be avoided.” Romance, love and sexual pleasure are God’s good gifts to us. Lust is the opposite of the purity of romance, love and sex as originally intended. Lust is defined as deformed sexual desire and as an excessive desire for one’s own sexual pleasure. It is self-centered [...]

4 Ways To Add More Time To Your Day


  Last Monday morning did not turn out the way I wanted it to. I had a hard time getting up and getting going. I aim to leave for work at 6:45. Before I knew it, it was 7:25 – and I was just walking to my car. I live 1.5 miles from work, yet [...]

Don’t Waste Hard Times

Don’t Waste Hard Times

For the last three years, my family has gone through difficult times as we walk with my mother through the aftermath of a stroke. Due to this ongoing circumstance, my own seasons of struggle, earlier ministry experiences and a doctoral project, I have spent much time over the last several years reflecting on the meaning [...]

3 Stories: Mine, Theirs, & God’s

Three Stories

I have always been intrigued by the idea of story. The conclusion is in question until save is clicked for the last time. When I complete a writing project, I am always surprised by the way the project turned out. I usually (though not always!) have a general sense of direction that I think the [...]

What Kind of Clothes Are You Wearing?

This post is from my devotional time this morning. When I am doing Bible devotions, I use the SOAP acronym to guide my study. It is: Scripture: As I read the text, I “listen” to it and look for the one or two verses that are being highlighted in my spirit. Observation: I look at [...]

After Father’s Day

Five years ago, I lost my father on July 4th. Less than a week later, on my birthday, we buried my father. So the season from Father’s Day to my birthday is the most difficult for me and my family. The rest of this post is portions of a letter that I wrote to my [...]

Every Body Matters: Second Thoughts

            This post is a follow-up to some of my thoughts in my Every Body Matters post from June 7. In that post, I challenged the reader with the idea that taking care of our bodies is an act of worship to God. I quoted Gary Thomas, the author of [...]

Every Body Matters: Do You See Taking Care of Your Body As An Act of Worship?

I have long been interested in fitness. I have enjoyed the process of getting into and maintaining good physical condition since the years I spent in the Marine Corps. I will admit that there have been seasons of life where my commitment to fitness has flagged. The busyness of life made it difficult to commit [...]

Psalm 51: What To Do When You’ve Blown It, Pt. 3

          Over the last two weeks, I have written two posts with reflections on how we should react when we have blown it. The posts are here and here. I have focused on David’s adultery with Bathsheba and the resulting cover up that he attempted. I ended my last post with [...]