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3 Reasons We Should Look for God in the Ordinary

God in the Ordinary-gw-com

Sensing Jesus: Life & Ministry as a Human Being by Zach Eswine is part of my current reading. The book is a memoir of sorts. Throughout the book, Zach gives the reader a realistic, human view of a life of ministry in the local church. Zack writes about “seeking to grow in loving God and […]

3 Ways To Overcome The Fear That Is Holding You Back From Your Dreams

3 Ways to Overcome Fear

In his writing, John Acuff has written about punching fear in the face. He meant we cannot let our fears stop us from living our dreams. Recently Matt McWilliams put up a blog post called How To Finally Have a Breakthrough. He wrote that you have to “Act in spite of fear.” For far too […]

21 Reasons Why I Write (And the 3 Things My Blog is About)

21 Reasons

Why do I write? Sometimes writing becomes a chore and I need to remind myself of why writing is important. For me (and for you), I offer you 21 Reasons Why I Write. At the end of this post, I’ll share the three things my blog is about. Without further ado, here is my list: […]

3 Ways Reading Everyday Will Benefit You

3 Ways Reading Everyday Will Benefit You(1)

I am an avid reader. I always have seven to ten books I am reading. As a military chaplain, I read for my soul, I read to expand my mind and I read for personal enrichment. Reading is part of how I keep my commitment to life-long learning. A while back, Michael Hyatt posted a […]

God’s Work, My Response

A few days ago, I was looking back through my thoughts from past devotional time as I worked through Romans. I happened upon a reflection based on Romans 3:21-31. I am using the Daily Quiet Time Bible. In the section Applying the Word, this question is asked: “In what ways might you feel or act […]

3 Ways Creatives Can Overcome The “Resistance”

the resistance

In his book, The War of Art, Steven Pressfield introduces us to The Resistance, anything that would keep us from our creative endeavors. Several months ago, I met The Resistance. It was not a good meeting. This post is the first new material written by me in almost a year. For half of that time, I […]

An Unwelcome Intruder: Two Reflections on Death


As a Navy Chaplain, I have the unfortunate privilege of presiding over memorial services for fallen Marines. Wednesday is such an occasion. I will lead my Marines, Sailors and the family in celebrating the life and mourning the death of a young 21-year-old Marine. Philip was a son, a brother and a friend. I used […]

Every Body Matters: Second Thoughts


This post is a follow-up to what I wrote in my Every Body Matters post. I challenged the reader with the idea that taking care of our bodies is an act of worship to God. I quoted Gary Thomas, the author of Every Body Matters: Strengthening Your Body to Strengthen Your Soul: Christians who don’t […]

3 Ways of Growing In Christ


Successful people aren’t smarter, more gifted, nor luckier. Their habits fan the flame of their success. Those who succeed in business are self-starters, goal oriented, have strong priorities, and think of others when making business deals. The author of Psalm 1 identifies three practices important in our course toward success. Don’t Follow The Crowd We […]

What Kind of Clothes are You Wearing?

What Clothes Are You Wearing?

              When I am doing Bible devotions, I use the SOAP acronym to guide my study. It is: Scripture: As I read the text, I “listen” to it and look for the one or two verses that resonate in my spirit. Observation: I look at the surrounding verses and […]

8 Ways Pornography Is Destructive to Relationships


Romance, love and sexual pleasure are God’s good gifts to us. Lust is the opposite of romance, love and sex as originally intended. Lust is deformed sexual desire and an excessive focus on one’s own sexual pleasure. It is self-centered and focused on one’s own self-gratification. We have seen lust rehabilitated in our culture. There […]

Every Body Matters: (Do You See Taking Care of Your Body As An Act of Worship?)


I have long been interested in fitness and have enjoyed the process of getting into and maintaining good physical condition since the years I spent in the Marine Corps. There have been seasons of life where my commitment to fitness has flagged. I believed that I was too busy for regular exercise. In my current […]

On Reading


Do you read books? If not, why not? Do you want to lead well? It is a known fact that effective leaders are readers. I’m going to share thoughts by Tony Reinke. Tony is the author of a book called Lit!: A Christian Guide to Reading Books. In the book he argues for the value […]

4 Ways to Add More Time to Your Day


When the Christmas / New Years holidays are approaching, getting up and getting going is often a challenge. I aim to leave for work at 6:45. In reality, this is the way many mornings go: Before I know it, it is 7:00 – and I am just walking to my car. I live 1.5 miles […]

The Brutal Truth about Being a Conformer… & Why Being a Transformer Is Better

Conformer or Transformer

We read this verse in the Christian Scriptures: Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind… (Romans 12:2) Observant readers will notice two keywords, conformed and transformed. I have a challenge question for you: “Will you be a conformer or a transformer?” Conform Defined To adopt another […]

Addicted to Evernote


Hi, my name is Greg and on September 24, 2009, I became an Evernote user. It took a while, but now I am addicted. At first, my usage was small. I thought I could control it. But then it took over. Now Evernote is my digital brain. It syncs across my digital devices (PC, Nook […]

6 Misconceptions About Forgiveness


Forgiveness. When I say that word, what comes to mind? It is a loaded word. The word is used in various contexts. Allow me to offer several illustrations. Since I am serving on active duty, I live with my family on a military installation. There are armed Marines limiting access at various entry points. Several […]

6 Ways Sheep Are Like People


Psalm 23 is one of the most beloved and well-known of the Psalms and is meaningful to people in the circumstances of life: The Marine in battle, fearing injury and possible death The grieving widow standing before a fresh grave, wondering how she can go on with her life. The guilty wanderer seeking forgiveness and […]