Living the Resilient Life

3 Reasons We Should Look for God in the Ordinary

Sensing Jesus: Life & Ministry as a Human Being by Zach Eswine is part of my current reading. The book is a memoir of sorts. Throughout the book, Zach gives the reader a realistic, human view of a life of ministry in the local church. Zack writes about “seeking to grow in loving God and […]

3 Ways To Overcome The Fear That Is Holding You Back From Your Dreams

In his writing, John Acuff has written about punching fear in the face. He meant we cannot let our fears stop us from living our dreams. Recently Matt McWilliams put up a blog post called How To Finally Have a Breakthrough. He wrote that you have to “Act in spite of fear.” For far too […]

21 Reasons Why I Write (And the 3 Things My Blog is About)

Why do I write? Sometimes writing becomes a chore and I need to remind myself of why writing is important. For me (and for you), I offer you 21 Reasons Why I Write. At the end of this post, I’ll share the three things my blog is about. Without further ado, here is my list: […]

Reading: 3 Ways Reading Everyday Will Benefit You

I am an avid reader. I always have seven to ten books I am reading. As a military chaplain, I read for my soul, to expand my mind and for personal enrichment. Reading is part of how I keep my commitment to life-long learning. A while back, Michael Hyatt posted a blog post entitled, 5 […]

God’s Work, My Response

A few days ago, I was looking back through my thoughts from past devotional time as I worked through Romans. I happened upon a reflection based on Romans 3:21-31. I am using the Daily Quiet Time Bible. In the section Applying the Word, this question is asked: “In what ways might you feel or act […]