Living the Resilient Life

3 Ways of Growing In Christ

Successful people aren’t smarter, more gifted, nor luckier. Their habits fan the flame of their success. Those who succeed in business are self-starters, goal oriented, have strong priorities, and think of others when making business deals. The author of Psalm 1 identifies three practices important in our course toward success. Don’t Follow The Crowd We […]

What Kind of Clothes are You Wearing?

What Clothes Are You Wearing?

              When I am doing Bible devotions, I use the SOAP acronym to guide my study. It is: Scripture: As I read the text, I “listen” to it and look for the one or two verses that resonate in my spirit. Observation: I look at the surrounding verses and […]

6 Ways Sheep Are Like People

Psalm 23 is one of the most beloved and well-known of the Psalms and is meaningful to people in the circumstances of life: The Marine in battle, fearing injury and possible death The grieving widow standing before a fresh grave, wondering how she can go on with her life. The guilty wanderer seeking forgiveness and […]