Living the Resilient Life

3 Truths About Being in Alignment and Why You Are [or might be] Frustrated at Work

What would it look like if you had alignment between your passions and work life?

For years, I lived with frustration and dread about the work I was doing. There are varieties of reasons for this: I did not understand what drove me My pursuit of education My personal decisions My lack of mentoring For a long time, I floated along frustrated by my work. I wondered why I could […]

3 Life Invigorating Benefits of Journaling

Everyone should keep a daily journal for mental and spiritual fitness. In this post, I concentrate on the why and how of keeping a journal.
There are three benefits of writing a daily journal for maintaining mental and spiritual fitness:

Story: 3 Unsurpassed Ways to Ruthlessly Edit Yours For a Superior Life

Editing Your Story

For many years, our lives as a story has fascinated me. I am passionate about the idea that our past or present story should not be the way our story ends. The stories of our lives define us. We have a past, present and future story. The past does not define us. We can change our present reality, and our choices along the way will affect our future story.

3 Proven Reasons We Should Welcome Uncertainty

In my five decades of life, uncertainty has been a powerful part of my journey. Periods of uncertainty have been the most amazing times of shaping me into the person I am today. Uncertainty can lead to doubt and is tough to endure. Seasons of uncertainty are crucible experience where refinement and growth in resilience […]

Reading: 3 Ways Reading Everyday Will Benefit You

I am an avid reader. I always have seven to ten books I am reading. As a military chaplain, I read for my soul, to expand my mind and for personal enrichment. Reading is part of how I keep my commitment to life-long learning. A while back, Michael Hyatt posted a blog post entitled, 5 […]